Helping kids and families to build healthy habits together.

Podsquad is a free play-based wellbeing app to help families make healthy happen!


Designed by

Curated by childhood health specialists and co-designed with kids aged five to twelve.

For Families

Encourages the whole family to engage in conversation and decision-making.


Play-based learning that sets this program apart from other health programs available in this space.

Healthy Habits

Podsquad provides content and resources for parents that is aligned with your child's health learning journey.

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Play and creativity are at the heart of everything you’ll find in Podsquad.

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Habit building app features

Habit Building

Using behavioural science we aim to create these habits through encouragement instead of instruction.

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For the whole family

Our program is designed to support children and families as they build better health and lifestyle habits together.

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Gamified Elements

Have fun learning about health topics through hilarious animations, exciting games and quizzes.

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A program that works for every family

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Every family is different. Whether you want to get out more and keep active, explore different kinds of foods or improve your sleep habits – program content adapts to your family's health goals.


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This project has been developed with the support of the Federal Department of Health, through the Health Innovation Fund.

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